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Beni (Full name: Bennifer, Japanese: ベニ, Beni, Korean: 베니, Beni, Hebrew: בני) is one of the protagonists in Tenkai Knights. At first she was a major antagonist, but eventually joined the Knights. She is in the possession of the core of the formerly evil Tenkai Knight, Venetta, and is also the first female Tenkai Knight.

She is voiced by Nika Futterman in English and by Masumi Asano in Japanese.


Beni is a thirteen-year-old girl with long pink hair past her waist that splits into twin tails and sleepy, turquoise eyes. She wears a small light, lime green neckerchief, a black top, and a dark red headband. Her lower outfit consists of a pair of white-belted magenta shorts with red suspenders, and orchid boots.


Beni can be curious, but acknowledges Quarton more than most characters. She seems to think she can "charm" her way into any boy's life to find any information. She also seems to be close to Gen. She seems to think she's more clever than boys, or at least believes herself to be more intelligent than them, since she is constantly commenting about how "typical" boys are, due to her thoughts of how boys throughout the series seem to always get tricked by her acts. (This includes scenes of Guren trusting her, Ceylan often seeing her as an annoyance, Chooki judging her to be a "Dudechick," Toxsa easily falling for her flattery, and her comment to Gen of how "boys mess up everything.") Whether or not this comes from personal pride remains to be seen. Beni may also be distrustful of Vilius since, in "Double Crossed", she informs Gen about Vilius assembling an army and wondering if he is remotely interested in the Corrupted leader's plan. Beni appears to have her own agenda after the boys defeated Vilius for the second time. She helped Slyger in "Elemental Knights", and she seemed to understand immediately that Vilius had captured the Guardians. In "Beware Betrayal", Beni's personality changes constantly, because of her positive reactions to the perks of not choosing Good or Evil, until later, she gave her negative thoughts of "Friendship" and how it would ruin people. However, she seems to start to change her views at the end of "Heart Turns to Stone," after meeting and spending time with Chooki's cousin Kiiro. Beni now likes friends and is a lot kinder by the final episode of Season One, she has joined the Knights after having a change of heart after meeting Kiiro.


  • Beni apparently betrayed Gen in "Dromus Betrayed", but it was shown in "Dragon Key Quest" that it was a trick to get the Knights to find the Key for her.
  • It was revealed that she wants to destroy both worlds because her childhood was ruined because of her father's failure to discovering Quarton.
  • It was revealed that she had kept control of the warehouse, her portal to Quarton.
  • It is unknown why she helped Slyger, possibly to get on Vilius's good side.
  • In "Corrupted Earth", she encountered Gen in the Apartment Complex and wanted to become partner's to him again In which, he didn't take her favor. Later, in "Beware Betrayal", Beni seems to say to Guren and Ceylan that she doesn't want or need friends.
  • Beni and Venetta are the only two characters to have the same name in English and in Japanese.
  • It was revealed in "Beware Betrayal" that Beni's father left her the Tenkai Stone, which was located in her apartment room.
  • Beni gave Kiiro the Tenkai Stone in "Heart Turns to Stone" and now has a change of heart.
  • It's currently unknown if Beni abandoned her warehouse.
  • It is unknown what happened to Beni's mother and father.
  • Beni now lives in a apartment.

Quotes From Beni

  • "I think I'm going to hurl"
  • "Ha you slow poke, you couldn't catch a cold"
  • "Friends are boring and anyone, who thinks they aren't, is boring"
  • "That's because I don't want one what's so great about them any way, friends tie you down and hold you back. There just one more hassle that gets in your way and who needs that".
  • "Really is that what you think... just wait one day your friends will get in your way, then you'll be sorry you had them".
  • "Did you miss me?"
  • "I hear you've been kicking bot up on quarton. Sure hope we don't have to fight again"
  • "Don't be silly, I never worked for villius".
  • "I'm on no ones side but my own, you should try sometime it makes life a a lot more fun. Seriously flying solo is the only way to go. Its true Guren, friends just tie you down".
  • "You look so cute when you try to think, you look like a confused puppy.
  • "Beni Beni Beni your such a trouble maker teasing poor little Guren like that. Just think of all the trouble you can cause. Disrupting the balance, ending all life as we know it. Isnt that fun"
  • "Corrupted, fall in"
  • "Que the violin. What a sappy story, I'm outta here"
  • "Leave me alone, would ya"
  • "Gen doesn't belong with you"
  • "Hello... Gen"
  • "Can't you act even a little surprised, so how are things? I hear you have some issues with the Tenkai Knights?"
  • "Well don't worry all thats about to change, things will get simpler... now that I'm in town"
  • "You've got to understand, when i first met him in the other world, I was just learning about Quarton. It was all new to me and terrifying, I don't know how long i would've survived on my own"
  • "The fact is Dromus saved my life, he was strong, he made me feel safe, he taught me things"
  • "The other world made sense when I was with him.... so I stayed with him and trusted him, and all the while he was luring me to his web of lies"
  • "Well, well. Gen what brings you here? Don't tell me you've been missing me?"
  • "I'm a free agent, I do what I want. Hmm, like you used to, you can always come back you know... well whatever, I hope we can still be friends?"
  • "There you go, what a delightful surprise... it's been a while, I was beginning to think I might be losing my charm"
  • "Probably a lot but tell me, what do I get in return?"
  • "That's it? A soulful emo look? You're going to have to a lot better that"
  • "Honestly Gen, you make me sound like just a sneak"
  • "Ok. Here's the deal, If you promise to be my partner again, just how it was in the good old days, I promise to let you in on my secret"
  • "Well what a surprise, guess I missed the memo, when did you join the Tenkai Knights ?"
  • "That's not the Gen I know. Listen to you, when did you go all soft and squishy, huh?"
  • "Watch out Gen, don't be surprised when they let you down, your new friends, because they will let you down"
  • "Maybe so, but things have always worked better for me on my own, that's just the way it is"
  • "Really, so get through your thick skull... we are not a team"

In the Series

Beni first appeared in "Lost Key", where she appered at the beginning of the airport, then met up with Gen, making him realize that he shouldn't be a one-man team anymore.

She then appeared in "Tenkai Rogue", when she attacked two Corekai soldiers on Quarton. Later on, she disguised herself as a clueless young girl to find out why Gen was so interested in Guren. Back on Quarton, she, as Venetta, attacked Bravenwolf, Tributon, Lydendor, and Valorn.

Eversince "The Key to Evil", she has been trying to help in the search for the Black Dragon Key.

In "Dromus Betrayed", she managed to convince Guren, Ceylan, Toxsa, and Chooki to help her find the Black Dragon Key, and took command of the operation to do so. Despite having pledged herself as trustworthy to Guren, her intentions and the absence of Guardian Eurus from the Guardians' battle with Vilius left room for further suspicion.

In "A New Knight", she complains at Gen for failing to awaken the Tenkai Dragon and how boys will get in the way. Gen then decides to not be partners anymore and starting from here, she went rogue.

Her status changed from rogue to evil in "Beware Betrayal", where she decided to help Vilius find the Tenkai Fortress by finding the Tenkai Stone, which was located in her room. Later, Beni saw Guren twice. The first time was telling Guren which side she's on and the second time was telling him and Ceylan why its best to work alone. On Quarton, she was about to defeat Bravenwolf, which caused Ceylan, as Tributon, to unlock Elemental Titan Mode and save Bravenwolf. Beni then escapes and tells Vilius the location of the Tenkai Fortress. Vilius then trusts her and gives her the right to do anything she wants, as long as the Fortress is found.

At one point, she was working for Vilius, as shown when Granox and Slyger recognize Venetta on Earth. At another point, she was working for Gen.

As of now, she helps the knights when they are in trouble at Quarton and Earth.


Guren Nash

Guren and Beni met when she approached him and staged herself tripping nearby. He caught her before she fell, and from there, she tricked him by pretending to become friends with him, only to betray him and the other Tenkai Knights shortly after, revealing her true intentions. After Vilius' initial defeat, she is still reluctant to befriending Guren, who is willing to accept her friendship should she choose to join the good side. However, she still seems to care only about herself, and occasionally still aids Vilius. After she has turned over a new leaf for real in "Heart Turns to Stone", she has warmed up to Guren when she gives him a hug, and as well as having feelings for him in the final episode. Guren had a slight crush when he first saw her in the episode "Tenkai Rogue".

Ceylan Jones

Ceylan met Beni the same time the other Tenkai Knights did (aside from Guren). He was lured into her trap and has always been very cautious and mistrusting around her. He also has a nickname for her, often calling her 'Pinky' whenever she shows up.

Toxsa Dalton

Just like the other Tenkai Knights, Toxsa met Beni the day they were trapped. He also seems irritated with her presence, and will often express his annoyance when she is around.

Chooki Mason

Chooki also met her the day the other Tenkai Knights were deceived. He is also not pleased whenever she happens to be around, but he's the most indifferent to her, as well.


Beni and Gen used to work with each other to find the Black Key. In "A New Knight", he left her and decided to work on the right side by joining the Knights. Gen has stated that if Beni wanted to join the Tenkai Knights, she could. However, she simply replied by despising the thought of having friends, saying that friends only let you down.


Beni was once working with Eurus for the search of the Black Key and he was one of her mentors


Beni met Kiiro when she was running down the hill and then bumped into her. She then ask Beni, as well as Guren to play with her but Beni refuses, causing Kiiro to yell so much until she will play with her. Beni then plays with her but she didn't enjoyed it. While Guren ask Beni to watch Kiiro while he get drinks. After Beni ruined Kiiro's sandcastle and walked away, Kiiro went missing, but eventually Beni found her and Kiiro gave her a four-leaf clover to make her feel better as well as Kiiro wanting to be Beni's best friend. Later on, Beni decided to play with Kiiro again and gave her the Tenkai Stone to give to Guren the next time she sees him.

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