Benham City and the famous Benham Tower.

Benham City (Japanese: ベンハムシティ, Benhamu Shiti, Korean: 벤험 시티, Benheom Siti) is a city where Guren and his father moved to in "Two Worlds". The three other heroes, Ceylan, Toxsa, and Chooki, live in this town as well. Other residents include Mr. White, Gen, Beni (arrived in "Lost Key"), Mr. Nash, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Dalton, Mrs. Dalton, and Wakamei Dalton. An important sight of the city is Benham City Mall, where the boys soon find the Shop of Wonders. Benham Tower is located in the center of the city. This city has had major importance in the series, as it is where all the Tenkai Knights live. It is also where the Shop of Wonders and the Transdimensional Portal the Knights use to travel to Quarton are located. In addition, it contains places like the Nash Home, the Jones Home, and the school.



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