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A New Knight (Japanese (Katakana): 決着!最強モード) is the twenty-sixth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on March 02, 2014 on Teletoon in Canada



The Tenkai Knights take on Vilius and the Evil Tenkai Dragon in an epic battle.


The episode begins with a recap of the Dragon being revived in its evil form. Vilius, with his newly acquired powers from the Tenkai Dragon, then starts attacking everything that he can find, including his own fortress. After a brief exchange with Dromus about how there is almost no chance to defeat the dragon and how that was what Dromus wanted, Bravenwolf charges Vilius. Bravenwolf is quickly put down, but Tributon quickly comes to his rescue before he can be destroyed. 

On Earth, Mr. White and Boreas talk about how the Knights hardly stand a chance and that it would take a miracle for them to win. Boreas agrees and says that maybe they'll be ok, but maybe they should have a miracle of their own ready.

The Knights then each take turns saying speeches about what is important to them and how they are going to defeat Vilius. After Lydendor and Valorn step in to help and are also put down, Beag, Kutor, and Leinad also step him, calling the Knights "shining beacons of hope". As Vilius prepares to attack, Dromus has an exchange with Venetta, then decides to help defeat the Dragon and let Venetta do as she wishes. Dromus claims that by defeating the Dragon, he will become the strongest. After he is quickly knocked down, Vilius prepares another attack.

This time, the Guardians come to their rescue, shielding them from a devastating attack. They then immobilize the Dragon, and Vilius along with it. Eurus, Boreas, Notus, and Zephyrus state that they had to break the sacred law not to unleash the full power of the Guardians because Vilius had gone too far.

They then instruct Bravenwolf to summon the White Key to restore the Dragon, which he does as soon as the Dragon is immobilized. After the Dragon becomes good again, the Guardians instruct them to bring the two keys together, which breaks the Dragon back up into Dragon Cubes, and then goes into each of the knights, and Dromus, of the respective color. This grants them a new form, their most powerfulPhoenix Mode

Vilius, somewhat intimidated by their new powers, uses Dromus's device, the Tenkai Reversal Inductor, to give himself the Energy of the Tenkai Dragon as well. He performs a ground smashing attack and knocks the Knights away. The Guardians state that even in Phoenix Mode, it would be nearly impossible for the Knights to withstand such a blow. The Knights however, recover.

The Knights (Dromus included) then work as a team, each saying one liners and attacking Vilius. The other four then tell Bravenwolf to finish him off, which he does, smashing straight through Vilius and causing him to blow up. 

Guren states that is not over and they Robofuse into the Protojet. They then fly to the Guardians Sanctuary, with Dromus sitting on top because the protojet is only built for four. Tributon complains the entire way about how he has to sit in the back seat. Once they get there, Guren tells them they have to focus their Tenkai Energy in order to stabilize the malfunctioning portal. After they stabilize it, the Guardians confirm their theory.

On Earth, Gen and Guren gather at the Park, where they look at the sunset and talk about how they are not two sides of the same coin, but two different coins. "Sometimes," Guren says "we can see eye to eye."

Guren then starts riding his bike and then narrates how Earth soon got back on track after it was saved. He says that Gen and Ceylan are talking to each other, however Gen is "not exactly Mr. Warm and Fuzzy." Chooki is analyzing the data from Quarton, however they are not needed right now. Toxsa says that he is homing his fighting skills, but is actually playing Doomsploder. Guren himself, is "just enjoying the peace and quiet." However, he does mention that Beni has gone rouge.

Guren reaches his destination and the five Knights on Earth are sitting by the fountain. They get summoned and Guren says, "Lets get Tenkai!" and the others scream, "Yah!".


In the episode

  • This is the first episode in which Dromus becomes one of the Tenkai Knights.
  • In this episode, Villus gets defeated for the first time, both times by Bravenwolf.
  • In this episode, the Knights unlock Phoenix Mode.
  • The Knights discover how to split the Dragon back into Dragon Cubes in this episode.
  • The Knights visit the Sanctuary of the Guardians in this episode.
  • This is the first episode where the Knights see the portal on Quarton.
  • The Phoenix protojet is introduced in the episode as when the knights robofuse with the gold parts of phoenix mode it makes the robofusion gold.


  • This episode also serves as the halfway point of the first season.

English Dub Cuts & Changes

  • Guren's father knows of Quarton and the Tenkai Knights. He is seen with Mr. White and Boreas observing the batlle.


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

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