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A.I. (Japanese: ナビシステム, Nabi Shisutemu, Eng. Translated: Navigation System, Korean: 내비게이션 시스템) is a supporting character in Tenkai Knights. He is a computer system that helps the Tenkai Knights thoughout the series in various ways, such as unlocking Titan Mode, Robofusion, and Elemental Titan Mode, and linking the Tenkai Dragon to the White Key.  A.I. stands for Automated Intelligence. 

He is voiced by Crispin Freeman.

In the Series

A.I. first spoke in "Two Worlds", where he informed Guren, as Bravenwolf, that he was on Quarton and helped him break through obstacles to help Ceylan, who was Tributon, escape from the glass he was trapped inside of. As Bravenwolf and Tributon jumped out of the Dark Fortress, A.I. suggested them to use their Tenkai Boosters to save them from falling onto the ground. He later sent them back to Earth when their Tenkai Energy was depleted. He often helps them with these types of suggestions when they need them, and he manages their modes, allowing them to transform whenever they wish.



The Tenkai Knights


For Real?

If you don't want to know it and ruin every tension, please immediately stop reading!



  • It is unconfirmed, but infered that A.I. is specific to the new Tenkai Knights, as it appears no other character on Quarton, nor the original Tenkai Knights, has an A.I.
  • A.I. appears slightly different depending on which character one is viewing him in.